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Our Business curriculum is designed to continuously equip students with a range of enterprise skills and entrepreneurial knowledge so that they are able to evaluate the potential impact of these on business success and failure. We believe in creating time to apply subject specific knowledge, skills and concepts to a wide variety of different Business contexts. It is within this critical area that students develop their spiritual, moral, social and cultural responsibility and their ethical understanding.

It is essential to support student development in financial capability within both personal and business finance circumstances. This enables students to embark on applying their prior mathematical ability to solve given monetary problems. Students need to gain an understanding of how economic and political factors affect the real world around us. We want to develop economically active citizens to have the confidence to make positive decisions.

A key purpose of our curriculum is to allow students to become workplace ready by developing their marketing awareness. An ability to plan and perform market research for a variety of target audiences to meet customer needs and understand competitive behaviour will be advantageous to students in the careers marketplace. Our Business curriculum provides opportunities for students to immerse themselves in developing their employability skills, ready to inform and guide their future career choices.

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The teaching staff in the Business department, led by Mr Davies and Miss Cook, are available to answer any questions you or your child may have.

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