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Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum has been developed on the understanding that students will have every opportunity to explore music of varying styles in order to develop their own creativity, experience cultures different to their own and support a deeper awareness of historical time periods and its impact on music at the time. Students will be inspired to work in and/or be enriched by an ever-changing industry, influenced by technological developments.

It’s important that students recognise how music and the wider arts industry impact the attitude and emotion of themselves and others. Our curriculum provides opportunity for students to apply this awareness and their wider knowledge to musical contexts.

We believe that in advancing their own musicianship, students will enhance a wider set of skills that equip them with practical, interpersonal and thinking skills that will support their future success in employment and education. Students will develop qualities that enhance their ability to lead and work within a team environment. They will be encouraged to offer challenge to both themselves and others, to provide a positive, resilient environment

Upon the completion of their music qualification, students’ ability to meet deadlines, work independently, research and the application of knowledge to given briefs, will sufficiently prepare them with the experience needed to succeed within further and higher education.

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