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We strongly advocate that all students take a broad and balanced curriculum to allow them to consider (and be able to change their minds about) their future educational and career pathways. As part of our high standards and expectations of students we also recommend students take the EBacc subjects as part of their options. Further information about the EBacc can be found HERE.   

All students will study English language, English literature, Mathematics, Science, Life skills and Religious Studies.  Students will be given the option to choose an EBacc subject (History, Geography, French or Computer Science), and a further three subjects. (Full list of subjects will be in the option booklet for students to view). We recognise that students with a special educational need will need additional discussions with our learning support team and SENDCo about the year 9 options process. This will take priority over the above options process.   

For students who have a fixed educational or career pathway planned Post 16, the balanced curriculum option offer does not enable them to meet this goal, we would ask parents/carers to have a discussion with their child’s Student Achievement Leader to ensure we can support their next steps. We would encourage all students to consider the importance of the breadth of their curriculum at this early stage in their education. This discussion with Student Achievement Leader should happen after options evening and parents' evening, when parents/carers are fully informed about attainment and progress in subjects. Please note that every year some combinations of subjects are not possible, and we therefore always ask students to consider reserve subjects with as much care as first choices, as these will be allocated when first choices are not available. 

If any year 9 students would like further advice or careers support, please contact: 

If you have further questions about the options process please contact:  

Mr B Woodhouse, Assistant Vice Principal,


Mr L Smith, Student Achievement Leader     

If you would like to request an individual meeting please click below.

Options Presentation - 23rd January 2024