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Driving Success

A reward of early driving lessons for our most invested year 11 students

Rewarding students for their investment and attendance is a fundamental part of the culture at Sir Thomas Wharton Academy.  This was demonstrated in full on Thursday 9th February when thirty two year 11 students earned themselves an early driving lesson with two qualified instructors.  The students, listed below with the reasons they received the reward, were all able to take part in a 15 minute lesson, driving the car around the academy car park by themselves, guided by the instructors.  The instructors were impressed with the conduct of the students and with the skills they started to show as the lessons progressed.  There were of course some nerves, but these were quickly replaced with excitement at being able to get behind the wheel, and have what looked like a provisional driving licence as a memento of this reward!  Academy staff watching on felt immensely proud of the students, both for achieving their place on the reward, and for their investment in the opportunity.

These driving lessons were the first of multiple sessions that have been booked for year 11 students.  Lesson two is already planned and booked, and students will soon be told of the criteria they need to meet to take part.  As the next lessons involve the instructors being at the academy for two days, there will be more opportunities for the students to earn themselves a place on the early driving lessons reward.  High Investment in Learning scores, alongside attendance to Achieve sessions at weekends, will certainly increase their chances of experiencing this opportunity.

Well done to these students: - 

Achieve Session Lead Poppy S
Achieve Session Lead Ellie B
Achieve Session Lead Morgan E
Vice Principal's nomination Josh T
Highest Investment  Maddison H
Highest Investment  Grace S
Highest Investment  Evan C
Highest Investment  Ben P
Highest Investment  Ben OB
Highest Investment  Sophie F
Highest Investment  Lana D
Most improved investment LC1 to LC2 Mason K
Principal's nomination Adam T
Ms Shaw's nomination Noah C
Miss Dixon's nomination Emily F
Mrs Wileman's nomination Eve P
Mr Campbell's nomination Isabelle C
Top Sparx XP Points Isobel W
Top Tassomai CS Maksimilian D
Top Tassomai English Gracie B
Top Tassomai Geog Rorie M
Top Tassomai History Jake M
Top Tassomai Science Emily A
Tutor nomination: Mr Gent Olivia H
Tutor nomination: Miss Allen Olivia H
Tutor nomination: Mr Clish Freya J
Tutor nomination: Mr Taylor Riley H
Tutor nomination: Mr Jarvis Adam C
Tutor nomination: Miss Darke Aeron M
Tutor nomination: Mr Wilson Lexi PM
Mr Woodhouse's nomination Jake H
Tutoring Session Lead Spencer C