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Academy awards 2023

Multicoloured costumes, a guitarist, a juggler, a black carpet, singers, dancers and musicians – highlights from the annual Summer Awards Ceremony at Sir Thomas Wharton Academy held on Thursday 20th July. Students, parents, carers, and specially invited guests gathered at the academy to join in a celebration of all that the students have achieved during their year at the school. The academy looked fabulous – dressed for the occasion with their name in lights, a fitting welcome by student volunteers and staff, arrival drinks, sweets and popcorn.


The evening was opened by the Head Students and hosted by Mr. Matthew Stamp, an Assistant Principal of the academy. Mr. Stamp began by thanking Lily H, a year 9 student at the academy, for her performance of ‘Yours’, which was an amazing way to open the show. Mr. Matthew McDonald, Principal of the academy, then delivered a speech highlighting how the academy continues to achieve great things, delivered by incredible students and staff. What followed were awards given out by Mr. McDonald and members of the senior leadership team. Students were recognised with attendance awards for their dedication to their education and their determination to be in school as much as possible. The House awards were then presented to students who embody the values of each of the academy Houses – Brodsworth, Chatsworth, Cusworth, and Wentworth. Key Values of the academy (The highest standards, invest to achieve, everyone is valued, no excuses, never give up and cultivate your character), reading, and for every subject across the academy followed. The awarding of these trophies and certificates was punctuated by amazing performances by students, staff and alumni singing, dancing and performing musical theatre.  

The latter part of the ceremony was dedicated to the most prestigious awards, including the Jubilee Trust Fund, the Rotary Award, the Head Students Award, the Governors’ award, the Maltby Learning Trust Award, and finally the Principal’s award. The Jubilee Trust Fund Award was given to two post-16 students who have gone above and beyond in their studies and their self-development – they have shown themselves to be true ambassadors of the Trust and fully deserve this recognition.  Well done to Olivia P and Kinga K. The Rotary Award went to post-16 students who has shown true community spirit. Well done to winners, Holly M, Jennifer S, Jessica S and Teigan S. Governors awarded the Governors’ Award to Sophia C and Ben P, and the Maltby Learning Trust Award was given to Lylah O and Mia S by Mr. Dale Jackson, Executive Director of Secondary Education. Finally, the prestigious Head Teacher Award for Outstanding Achievement was awarded by Mr. McDonald to Mohammed H in Key Stage 3, and to Kinga K in Key Stage 5, Kinga goes off to Study at Oxford University in September, a phenomenal achievement.

Speaking proudly of the evening, Principal Mr. Matthew McDonald said “The STWA awards ceremony includes some truly magnificent performances from our students, but the evening is never just about the performances. We were there to recognise the fantastic achievements of our incredibly hard working and invested students. The awards ceremony rounded off a superb year at Sir Thomas Wharton Academy and served as an indicator of the journey the school continues to move ahead with.”

Events like this one truly give the academy the chance to shine as it certainly deserves to, and for the students to be recognised to their fantastic achievements. Everyone at Sir Thomas Wharton Academy is dedicated to ensuring that every student is given the chance to succeed. The academy will continue with its vision “Delivering exceptional learning experiences that enable all young people to thrive in a competitive world and lead successful and fulfilling lives” and the awards ceremony will be one way to recognise the wonderful things that the students achieve every year.

Sir Thomas Wharton Academy would like to thank sponsors of the event, parents and carers, and the specially invited guests for attending the ceremony.

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